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Stratton Apps offers full-stack iOS, Android, and web development services together with scripting and other software solutions, requirements analysis, quality assurance, and project management. We’re 100% focused on your project.

We develop apps using modern programming languages and frameworks, such as Flutter, Swift and Objective-C, and proven technologies and approaches according to the conditions of your project.

Android apps are coded using Flutter, Java and Kotlin. Given the broad range of devices capable of running Android, can create apps for everything from smartphone and tablet to smartwatches and smart TVs.

We provide both responsive frontend and high performance backend development services. Stratton Apps web development team is specialized in WordPress, PHP, mySQL and JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Node.js, Laravel, and VueJS.

UI/UX Design Services

We offer prototyping, branding, UI and UX design for web and mobile products. Our approach is simple: Stratton Apps makes focus on how actual people will use our clients’ products.

Backend & scripting

If you need backend support in mobile apps but you don’t a web server, we can build a Python one to manage backstage data. We create scripts from scrapping to making bots and automating tasks. We implement third-parties APIS.

The new technology Flutter allows us to make modern responsive apps for both Android and iOS from a single code. Fast, unexpensive, high performance cross platform mobile development solutions at once.

Pick Out Your Niche

In Stratton Apps we provide high-quality design and development services for market segments with strong demand for digital products, opening ourselves to new markets continuously. Explore the opportunities of web and mobile development for your business niche.

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Health & Fitness

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Taxi Booking

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On-demand delivery

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Real estate

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Engagement models we offer

To meet your unique requirements, in Stratton Apps we offer three distinct engagement models based on our participation in your project. Choose the ideal way to structure our partnership.

Services 11 - icon team

Project From Scratch

We build your entire project for you from your idea, your business and/or your market segment. We work together to make the project, providing ideas and feedback from both sides.

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Project Continuation

Do you have a project base (i.e. ideas, structure, design and/or unfinished development? Do you need an update in your project already published or started? This model is for you.

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Isolated Service

If you need help with just one service such as design, frontend or backend development, branding, SEO and marketing, advisory, etc, we can help you in that part only.

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