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Creating and having a website is essential to establish a solid, modern and digital business in today’s times. With the advancement of technology, web pages have gone from being a purely functional and static tool to a whole dynamic project, the entire virtual part of the company. Marketing and image being so important, it is no longer enough to design functional web pages, they must be fast, intuitive, easy to find and communicative, they must attract and retain customers.

Taking care of the digital image of your business is vital to reach your customers.

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Responsive web design

Connectivity today is complete and varied. People use a wide range of devices with different screen resolution and capabilities. Mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, but also smartwatches, ipods, and smartTVs are the order of the day in almost all households.

The development of a responsive website that adapts itself to any type of screen is necessary to to reach as many clients as possible and retain them regardless of how, where and with which device they connect.

Our professional team produces modern structures and templates from scratch using the best and most current technologies. Powerful tools like Bootstrap, uiKit or Vuesax to make a modern and optimal design, and different javascript software from jQuery, to VueJS or AngularJS allow us to go one step further in the user experience and the development of a dynamic page.

WordPress Integration

At Stratton Apps we take web development seriously, and that’s why we know WordPress and all its environment and extensions like the back of our hands. This allow us to adapt the project to the needs of the client through the use of own and third-party quality custom plugins, as well as extend the functionalities and possibilities of the templates and optimize the performance of your website.

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Custom Web Development

When developing a website we take into account all the peculiarities of the project, avoiding redundancies and offering exactly the necessary services for it. We focus on user experience, scalability, and optimal performance.

We believe that our clients deserve the best, and that is why we work with the newest and most modern frameworks but at the same time recognized by the community and flexible, giving us the possibility of developing any type of project in a very short time without compromising security and functionality.

Building multi language websites

Language, like computing, is a completely anarchic world. To have an international reach, your online presence and your image must be understood by as many users as possible. Translating a web page into all possible languages is a part of the development of a serious business digital project, especially regarding marketing and SEO.

At Stratton Apps we use our own plugins together with the best machine and artificial intelligence translators to ensure that your website reaches users worldwide.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We structure the content and design of your web application based on the strictest and newest tips, standards and criteria for positioning and ranking in the best search engines, focusing on Google.

From keyword researching and setting to social network organization, we make the best SEO development strategies and optimize the link building and ranking of your website, increasing the visibility and exposure in search engines and marketplaces of your business in a professional way.

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