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A compact but complete team

Although small, the strength of our team lies in the completeness acquired with the contribution of each of its members, creating a total and absolute synergy for the development of digital applications.

In Stratton Apps use the best technology available for your project, customizing your case to get the best possible results. We value the different options according to design needs, performance, efficiency, image, customers, etc. and we decide to use what best suits your mobile or web app.

As said, our team is remarkable because its individuals are specific in a subject but with general knowledge in development, coding and computers.That makes a good connection, facilitating communication and project development by parties.

How can we help you?

Stratton Apps offer a wide variety of services and utilities to improve your digital environment and facilitate your tasks

stratton Apps is always updating knowledge

Several years of work on organization development and service design allow us to know the best current technology

Stratton Apps is continuosly searching, analyzing and implementing the best technologies and ways used by the best developers for each different project.