Full Mobile Development

Do you need a responsive and fast cross-platform mobile app?
Full Mobile Development Project

Latest Technology Applications

In Stratton Apps we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills to adapt ourselves to the newest technologies, frameworks and coding tools. Using Flutter, we can build you an affordable native and full-responsive mobile app from a single basecode. Awesome, right?

The tools we use

We code and design through the best technologies in each moment for each situation and project. By now, we are using Environments like Android Studio, and Visual Studio Code, Dart and Python languages and Flutter Framework SDK to build the best cross platform mobile applications for all devices.


We can create your graphic features, logo, UI/UX and other material resources using Photosho, Inkscape and many more


If your project needs promotion, we provide you with all the components and configuration, from banners to animated interstitial ads


The coding of all the functionality carefully and in an optimal and efficient way, with readable documentation

Backend Support

Our server scripts will support the app, working perfectly with the client software and managing the data correctly

What do you need?

Sophistication does not matter. From a typical public application for shopping and open to mobile users to a private one with particular functions to operate internally in your business and used by your employees. We create what is needed, exactly what you need.

Mobile Development iOS

Full responsiveness on Android

Pixel C Stratton Apps shopping mobile app project Android responsiveness
Nexus 7 Stratton Apps shopping mobile app project Android responsiveness
Pixel 2 Stratton Apps shopping mobile app project Android responsiveness

Full responsiveness on iOS

Flutter behavior animation in mobile device

Unless React Native and similar, Flutter use their own widgets instead OEM native widgets, and use the mobile platform channels to access the services of the devices. Thus, Flutter manages to operate completely natively in both Android and iOS avoiding the use of JavaScript, external bridges, and performance funnels.

The functionality and structure of this software allows the development of flexible, custom and scalable apps, making the implementation of already created and built-in code easy and compatible with all Android and iOS devices and OS versions.

Explain us your particular case

By contacting us and showing your interest by telling us your business, your goals and objectives, you will receive our professional opinion, a proposal of our services and a transparent quote of them. Depending on the market sector in which you are, the needs and size of your enterprise, the aims you want to achieve, the purpose and functionality that will have the app and more relevant factors, requirements and tasks change. We will study the situation and give you our best.